Business Intelligence

Bokanyi Consulting helps customers with world-class solutions for business intelligence, risk compliance management, and operational excellence. Our diverse portfolio of strategic business solutions addresses wide variety of customer needs including procurement, CRM etc.
Business Intelligence facilitates better decision-making processes for business process improvement and discovering hidden trends. Industry experts at Bokanyi assist businesses in their quest for business excellence with a well-defined BI roadmap.

  • Pioneering efforts in the field of machine data analytics
  • Niche player in upcoming BI trends like Mobile BI, Big Data, Social Media Analytics, and Agile BI.
  • Strategic collaborations with industry partners
  • Reusable framework components
  • Addressing pertinent needs of customers to develop optimized solutions.

World-class BI solutions at Bokanyi

  • Optimizing ROI by identifying opportunities of enhancing operational efficiency. SAP BusinessObjects BI solution allows businesses to optimize performance through better informed and timelier decisions.
  • Innovative technologies at Bokanyi save efforts on data warehousing deployment with SAP Sybase® IQ server and SAP Data Integrator software.
  • Leveraging important strategic alliances with leading vendors enabling optimal solutions for businesses. The analytics editions of SAP® BusinessObjects™ business intelligence (BI) solutions offer all-purpose solution of deploying high-performance analytics without integrating software solutions from multiple vendors.
  • Detailed analysis and recommendation of BI Architecture pertaining to organizational needs of BI, Dashboard, Scorecard, and Analytics. Prebuilt reports and dashboards simplify efforts to roll out impactful analytics to business users across the organization.

Tasting success requires businesses to develop a sense of gauging industry changes, and thus respond quickly as well as smartly. Bokanyi Consulting’s best in-class BI solutions enhance agility, adaptability and efficiency of your business.