Data Management

Bokanyi relieves organizations from the enormous pressure to take informed decisions within shorter time-frames by providing data management services that provides single, unified view of all data. Bokanyi’s expertise in data management stems from its 10 year experience in implementing over 100 projects and having a solid grip on the complete lifecycle of data assets.

Bokanyi helps implement data architecture, data security and helps in administration of data management issues. We establish a process that ensures trusted, quality data are instantly available on need. Our expertise extends across all enterprise platforms and we help guide you to the best-fit solution and deliver measurable business benefits.

Our deep expertise in SAP, of who we are a top value-added reseller, enables us to provide a simple solution – SimpleData4-SAP. With SimpleData4-SAP, firms alleviate the complexity by enabling users to create, manage, update, and query SAP data with Excel and web forms. By providing simple solutions for your enterprise data challenges, you’ll quickly see tangible business benefits. Click on each of the four processes below to see how SimpleData4-SAP resolves your data management challenges.

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Success through SIMPLEDATA4-SAP

Companies who use SimpleData4-SAP report significant reductions in data errors, increased efficiencies, and increased employee job satisfaction. With SimpleData4-SAP, specific job functions are enhanced or simplified.

  • Automated Data Maintenance – Individual users can maintain large quantities of data without technical assistance.
  • Budget to Report – Higher visibility of financial information enables users to measure business effectiveness easily and efficiently.
  • Cost Management – Identify the company’s most valuable customers and products, and test the impact of price and process changes on costs and profitability.
  • Make to Order – Replace complex SAP transaction processing and mass data updates with simple-to-use Excel spreadsheets and web forms.
  • Order to Cash – Manage deliveries, expedite order transfers, issue and release goods, print invoices, and manage payments.
  • Procure to Pay – Employ familiar interfaces (Excel and web forms) to minimize the typical errors inherent in this process.
  • Asset Accounting – Close SAP general ledger postings using built-in validations with posting details and document attachment capabilities.

We help simplify your team’s ability to create, manage, update, and query SAP with the familiarity of spreadsheet. By utilizing SimpleData4-SAP, your company will benefit from your SAP implementation with the acceleration you originally anticipated.