The economy is complex and volatile. Your customers are demanding. How can you, as a distributor, thrive? You can get closer to business partners, deliver exceptional service, and carve out a value-added and differentiated role in the supply chain.

The new-normal economy calls for innovative thinking, bold initiatives, prudent investments, and top-notch execution. High-performing distributors automate rebate and chargeback processes to speed the claims lifecycle and improve cash flow. For competitive advantage, you must offer value-added services to drive growth and profits. You must get closer to business partners to understand, analyze, define, and successfully deliver a portfolio of value-added services.

Today’s industry leaders make better decisions with analytics and real-time insights. They continuously refine and enhance your ability to negotiate best deals with suppliers, optimize pricing and inventory levels, and proactively address operational inefficiencies. They perform cost-to-serve analysis and advanced customer, product, and supplier segmentation, and take the right actions for higher profitability and optimal customer service.

Mobile solutions provide sales and service associates timely, role-specific information, at any location, to help manage the business, close deals, and provide a richer customer experience.


SAP4 Distribution is Bokanyi Consulting’s implementation of SAP’s Wholesale Distribution Industry Solution. Learn how you can achieve your goals with our midmarket distribution industry solution. Our team of industry experts delivers results through this proven solution built on SAP’s world class Building Blocks.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning– Effectively manage finances, sales and service, procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, human capital management, corporate services, and business analytics.
  • Wholesale Distribution Best Practices– Benefit from industry-specific configuration and business processes based on SAP and Bokanyi’s combined experience.
  • Technology Platform– Establish a foundation to quickly and cost-effectively add to your existing solution as your business grows and your needs change.

SAP4 Distribution Supports these important capabilities:

  • Replenishment Planning, Supplier Management, Supplier Contracts, RFQ Processing, Invoice Verification
  • Quotation Processing, Credit Management, Also-Buys and Alternative Products, Returns and Complaints, Commission Reporting
  • Light Warehouse Management, Batch Control and Serialized Materials, Batch Recall Processing, Shipping- own truck, Shipping- third party, Receiving with inspections and Quality Management, Inter-company, and Inter-warehouse transfers
  • Product Costing, Cost Center Accounting, Profitability Accounting, Financial Reporting
  • Specific Bokanyi Consulting wholesale distribution value-added solutions such as landed cost, fill-and-kill and customized back-order management
  • Extended components are also available, such as credit card integration, third-party shipping, sales tax integration (Vertex), rebates, and chargeback management (Vistex)