Enterprise Consulting

Having served early adopters to solution specialists, Bokanyi has acquired a rich set of proven practices to deliver the best of customized solutions. We apply an innovative, practical approach to meet your business needs and deliver the best software solutions to achieve results. With extensive local customer experience, our team delivers cross-functional and in-depth technical knowledge to deal with business challenge.

As a Tier 1, Gold-Certified SAP Channel Partner, Bokanyi offers an expansive range of services including Enterprise Solutions, Enterprise Consulting, Application Management, Solution Optimization, Enterprise System Selection, and Data Management.

Enterprise Consulting Services

  • IT Infrastructure: Support in building Enterprise Value Maps, streamlining business plans with IT solutions, recognizing business needs, calculating suitable hardware and software solutions and vendor selection
  • Implementation: Offering solutions to implement a host of Packaged Enterprise Solutions such as SAP accompanied with services for remodeling the system and developing a robust application.
  • Customized Solution: Technical support to upgrade enterprise applications or adding a new functionality
  • Optimization: Optimizing business processes to reduce complexities, devise ways to improve decision-making, cut costs and increasing ROI

What sets Bokanyi apart

  • Maximizing value in minimum time
  • Agile and safe implementation
  • Delivering solution in your preferred technology

Being certified SAP Services Partner, Bokanyi offers cutting-edge services including SAP S/4HANA, Business All-in-One (ERP), SAP Cloud (SaaS), and SAP Analytics (BI) solutions.