Enterprise System Selection

Whether you seek to maximize your returns on Enterprise System investment or seek a future-proof system that seamlessly absorbs the changes, Bokanyi can help guide you to the best-fit system that takes into consideration your organization’s unique requirements and your industry landscape.

We specialize in Enterprise System Selection for mid-markets and leverage our experience and key partnerships with leading ERP vendors, particularly SAP from whom we earned recertification recently. In our 10 years of experience we implemented over 100 projects in 12 nations, and are experts in taking practical aspects of implementation and on-ground costs into consideration and provide a realistic timeframe.

Bokanyi follows a methodical approach to evaluate and assess the client’s ecosystem, strengths and weaknesses and analyses competitors to bring you a detailed assessment and recommendation report within your budgetary constraints.
Determining best IT methodology for your business: Delivering Quality
Requirement gathering:
Identifying present state and expected scenarios in future on functional and technical front
Preparing solution-driven model for the business
Development and testing:
Scanning market to identify, evaluate and decide the best approach for your business
Planning, designing and implementing chosen enterprise system
Project delivery and deployment:
Deploying final product in chosen hosting environment

Our team of skilled consultants will partner with you to learn about the all complexities involved, and offer expert guidance by evaluating, selecting and integrating the best-fitting enterprise system for the customer. As a nimble organization, we boast of implementation in 12 straight weeks!

Using our proprietary approach, we help clients make the best possible decision by focusing on their functional and technical requirements, budget, timeframe, industry, user acceptance, and vendor’s partnering capabilities.

Bokanyi’s leading edge project management and business change management competency ensures establishment of key steps to channelize the right technologies for the business:
– Defining technical requirements
– Market Research
– Designing functional structure
– Cost analysis
– Vendor selection