Governance, Risk & Compliance

Majority of Fortune 1000 organizations seem to manage their governance, risk and compliance initiatives independently; but often end up losing onto the broader set of requirements. However most of them have realized the importance of adopting an integrated GRC approach and deploying a single system and that it:
– Poses huge impact in improving organization’s effectiveness by laying a clear structure for the organization.
– Erases redundant tasks.
– Generates an authentic report for employees, management, auditors and regulatory bodies.

GRC Capabilities


  • Enterprise risk management and assessment
  • Board compliance capabilities
  • Business performance reporting such as balanced scorecards, risk scorecards, operational controls dashboards, etc.
  • Policy management, documentation and communication

Risk Management

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk analysis and prioritization
  • Root cause analysis of issues and mitigation
  • Risk analytics and trend analysis


  • Flexible controls hierarchy
  • Assessments and audits
  • Issue tracking and resolution
  • Analytics

Bokanyi’s effective GRC services helps businesses to manage and recognize compliance and risk events, present supply sustainability report protect value by proactively avoiding risks; minimizing violation of cost and improving performance by linking risk and performance management with organizational objectives.