The world is becoming increasingly complex and inter-connected and complicated. To achieve success in today’s business environment, your business needs to simplify and react much faster than ever.

Introducing the state-of-the-art solution for your business, your customers, and your partners – SAP HANA. With its advanced in-memory database design, HANA is a platform for real-time business. All transactions and analytics are hosted in the fastest technology available – computer main-memory.

The results are revolutionary:

  • All business processes and decisions are accelerated instantaneously.
  • IT is dramatically simplified by reducing or eliminating complex databases with aggregates and redundant data feeds, resulting in simplified application and system landscapes
  • New business model breakthroughs and innovations are made possible by enhanced access to instantaneous data from a wide array of sources, such as social media content, customer data, partner data, and predictive analytics

HANA is the database and application platform to easily consume, process, and present Big Data in today’s world of information over-load. No longer is it sufficient to analyze only in-house data for critical decision making. HANA opens up the world wide information relating to consumers, competitors, partners, industries, and trends, to deliver a complete and real-time view of your eco-system. As the world becomes more global, and businesses are more inter-connected to their consumers than ever, HANA becomes the essential solution to connect the dots and deliver critical insights for the future.

S/4HANA is the next revolution of ERP based on HANA. The focus shifts from internal views to external looking. S/4HANA re-thinks how business processes, such as financials, supply chain, inventory, services should adapt and advance in today’s uber-competitive landscape. Business processes move from local / national to global perspectives, while bringing your consumers and key partners closer to you than ever. S/4HANA is the critical killer application for businesses in the 21st century.

HANA Live is the simplification of business analytics at a data model and end user level. This reporting engine takes advantage of HANA and S/4HANA to deliver the next step in self-service analysis. Business owners can delve directly to the internal and external data in HANA and S/4HANA to create, view, and share critical information with key stakeholders. The power of enterprise reporting is truly in your hands, as the business owner and user.

Bokanyi Consulting is leading the way to bring this capability to our customers. As your HANA expert, we will guide you step by step on how to adopt, leverage, and enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary platform.