Industry Solutions

Bokanyi Consulting offers different industry solutions that utilize SAP to help meet your business needs. Complete SAP industry solutions are offered for:


It is difficult to find an industry more complex than the Chemical Industry, especially in the mid-market. With an advanced supply chain; rapidly evolving safety and regulatory requirements; and financial and operational reporting needs for both finished product and by-product streams managing the business is not a task for paper and pencil. You need an integrated, end-to-end system to help you. SAP4 Chemicals is exactly that system.

Utilizing SAP, the world’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the Chemical Industry, and the business experts at Bokanyi Consulting, the SAP4 Chemicals footprint manages the advanced needs of the Chemical Industry. From bulk storage and active ingredient management to formula management and real-time financial and operational reporting, SAP4 Chemicals helps with the day-to-day operations and management. To learn more, visit our SAP4 Chemicals site where you can request more information.


As anyone in the midmarket Wholesale Distribution Industry can tell you, Distribution is more than just “a truck and a warehouse.” Managing customer chargebacks and optimizing fill rates requires some advanced processes that many systems lack. Instead of going it alone, leverage SAP4 Distribution, Bokanyi Consulting’s Midmarket Distribution Solution based on industry-leading software from SAP. SAP4 Distribution provides such functionality as Fill and Kill and Real-Time Profitability Reporting. To learn more, visit


Many midmarket Manufacturing Companies are seeing more opportunities lately as a result of the Maker Movement. With easier access to CNC machines and 3-D printers, getting prototypes into the hands of potential customers has never been easier. With that ease however comes the realization that managing the financial and operational components of the business require more than just a spreadsheet and a bank account. Enter SAP4 Manufacturing, the midmarket ERP solution from Bokanyi Consulting based on software from the industry leader, SAP.


As America moves toward energy independence, many new faces have entered into the Oil and Gas Industry. As these midmarket companies seek to build, expand, and survive in the competitive markets of highly volatile oil and gas prices, many seek to identify key processes and systems that will help make them more profitable. In most cases, those system must handle every aspect of the business—from the back office of payables, receivables, and cash management to the front lines in the field of procurement and operations management. With Bokanyi Consulting’s solutions for the Midmarket Oil and Gas Industry, including SAP4 Oil and Gas and SAP4 Oilfield Services, your business runs on the same platform as every super major Oil and Gas company in the world—SAP. To learn more, visit