SaaS On Cloud

By leveraging the software-as-a service (SaaS) model, small and midsize enterprises can dramatically accelerate time to value. Our cloud-based solutions offer minimal disruption and reduce the risk and complexity preventing you from changing gears when growth opportunities lie ahead.

  • Thorough evaluation of products and applications for Cloud
  • Deployment of software products development on Cloud
  • Widget realization and device abstraction

We at Bokanyi Consulting believe world –class business technology, if professionally managed, reduces operational costs. Hence our team strives to help customers with high-quality solutions like:

  • Customized plans and configurations
  • Immediate deployment of cloud services
  • All-inclusive innovative trends of cloud hosting
  • No maintenance costs
  • Full-time, professional, industry experts

Value Added Services

  • System and network administration
  • Cloud security and firewalls
  • Diagnostics and updates
  • Availability and event monitoring
  • Syslog reporting
  • Hardware upgrades

When you are ready to extend your business horizons, we stand ready to implement global business experience to work on your behalf across boundaries to build new relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners.