SAP Business Analytics

Every company can benefit from the collective intelligence of the data within its systems. Gain the Financial and Operational insight you need with SAP Business Analytics solutions from Bokanyi Consulting. Whether you need Dashboards and Infographics, comprehensive financial statements, or financial and operational metrics, our solutions can provide the answers you need.

Solutions range from SAP HANA Live for up-to-the-minute reporting to the full suite of Business Objects for ad-hoc analytics and scheduled report distribution. SAP Lumira provides insightful and customizable infographics and dashboards, while SAP Fiori adds an effective mobile reporting component. Whatever your need, SAP and Bokanyi Consulting can help you get the data analytics for timely, informed decision-making.

Business Objects is the premier business intelligence solution that is well known and used by millions of customers worldwide. Tools within the solution such as Crystal Reports, Dashboards, Web Intelligence are utilized by large and small businesses to deliver the right reporting to the right audience. Whatever your reporting needs, Business Objects has the perfect tool for you.

HANA is the state of the art analytic solution to deliver Big Data processing and reporting. It can handle transactional data, as well as non-traditional data such as social media information, consumer preferences, and other contextual information to compile a complete and accurate picture of your business and your customers. This solution is the future of business analytics, providing competitive advantage to stay ahead of the market and trends.

HANA Live is the simplification of business analytics at a data model and end user level. This reporting engine takes advantage of HANA and S/4HANA to deliver the next step in self-service analysis. Business owners can delve directly to the internal and external data in HANA and S/4HANA to create, view, and share critical information with key stakeholders. The power of enterprise reporting is truly in your hands, as the business owner and user.